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Mediterranean Restaurant in Playa de las Americas


Gula: Mediterranean restaurant and fusion in Playa de las Américas, live the experience in our modern establishment, sparkling and with a fresh area “chillo ut. It is a current and exceptional restaurant. A place that links -and extols- the traditional with the most avant-garde presentations, contributing in the most strict and specialized way in Mediterranean cuisine.

“What we got by turning the traditional dish into something different”

Impeccable presentation of haute cuisine and the most delicate care in the preparation of our dishes. The concern of our kitchen team to elaborate, in the most precise way, each recipe with a special affection and attention to each ingredient, is the “secret” revelation of our menu.

Our delicate room service will make this spectacular kitchen move to the table and be made available to the customer with the added value of impeccable service, every detail is reviewed before each service by our qualified staff, there can only be one error.

“The current service has been better than the previous one, but worse that is next”

We have an extensive wine list, where you can enjoy both local, national and international wines, let yourself be seduced by all this great atmosphere and the quality of our restaurant and make a perfect pairing with the best wines.

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Enjoy our menu, in a splendid environment: Rice, salads, meat, fish and seafood.

Chill Out

Cool chill-out area, located in a unique location in Playa de Las Américas.


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